Lawn Seeding Topsoil

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Lawn Seeding Topsoil

  • Price from: £99.96
  • Product Code: zlstsbb
  • Availability: In Stock

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Lawn Seeding Topsoil from £99.96 (Bulk Bags)

A high-quality topsoil, finely sieved making it perfect for seeding a new lawn or improving the quality of existing grass. Rich in nutrients and organic matter, Lawn Seeding Topsoil will give the best start for establishing a beautiful lush green lawn.  The bulk bag contains approximately 800-900kg of lawn seeding topsoil. 

Preparing the ground is key when establishing a lawn from seed. By having the correct soil in place to sow onto, superb results can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of laying new turf.

The best time to sow grass seed is during early autumn and mid-spring when the soil is at the right temperature and the British weather patterns suit. Germination normally occurs between seven and 10 days after sowing (subject to seed type and watering schedules) giving time to establish a sward and root growth before the first frosts in late autumn or warm and dry spells in the summer months. 

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Here for 25kg bag prices

10-19 Items - £7.08 (25kg) 

20-29 Items - £4.80 (25kg) 

30-40 Items - £4.04 (25kg)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the soil have stones in it?
Yes, but only small ones as all the larger stones are removed.  Some stones in the soil are important for good drainage, soil aeration and prevention of topsoil compaction. 

Is it sterilised?
No unless you request it. Generally, we find that sterilisation kills off beneficial microorganism essential for soil health. If you do require sterilised soil, please click here.

What is topsoil?
Topsoil is the top layer of soil that is high in organic matter and nutrients, formed by the slow weathering of rocks and decaying organic matter over thousands of years

How big is your bulk bag?
85cm x 85cm x 85xcm

Is delivery free?
Yes, delivery is included (for 90% of UK locations)

How much topsoil is in the bulk bag?
Approximately 750kg. In our calculation tool, we add approx. 50% more than the area you need to fill to allow for compaction. Minimum order for our 25kg/25ltr bags is 10 bags. Maximum on a single pallet is 40 bags so any orders for more than 40 bags will be costed pro-rata at checkout.

When will my delivery be made?
You can select a delivery date that suits you on the checkout page of our website. This is 2-3 days as standard but we can deliver next working day for a small surcharge.

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++ "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

Dream to work with and level ready for seeding.

++ "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

This is really top quality lawn topsoil - exactly as described,

++ "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

Dry, polythene bagged for weather protection; perfect and consistent soil grain size with no foreign objects

++ "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

Good quality topsoil. Thank you wery much.

++ "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

we had levelled the ground to a certain degree but was able to get it much better with the topsoil. We ordered 2ton of soil to cover 35m2 and it worked out just right. If the ground soil was in very poor condition it would probably need the topsoil to be a bit deeper but in our case it was just right and we were amazed at how quickly the worms returned as soon as we put the turf down.

+ "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

Good value for money top soil. Had a few stones and was on the clay/sticky side. Also had lots of weed seeds, but still did the job.

++ "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

Good quality product. Only tiny stones in it so very well suited for its purpose. Delivered dry so easy to shovel out of the big bags.

++ "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

Good texture and composition, will give the new lawn a good start.

- "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

Not impressed with the product I'm afraid - it looks nothing at all like the pictures on the website. It was very lumpy, like lots of balls of soil in a bag, mostly about 20mm across but some as big as 80mm. Also contained quite large lumps of bark. No obvious difference between this and the veg soil I saw on the lorry for another customer. My gardener, without any prompting, said that he thought it was very poor quality and overpriced for what it was. Definitely wouldn't recommend or purchase again

- "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

As above the soil was not quality expected and full of stones not good for turfing

-- "Lawn & Turfing Topsoil" All Reviews

The (screened to 10mm) topsoil was a massive disappointment. After spending weeks preparing the garden for the topsoil - removing stones and rocks - this product undid a lot of that effort. As in the attached pictures, out of the 2 bulk bags I ordered, at least a fifth of one of the bags is now full of stones and other debris I've filtered out of the topsoil. We found pieces of glass - again as pictured - and even the (sharp) end of what look like a pair of scissors.

This topsoil was relatively cheap... but I guess you get what you pay for. The topsoil that was left was fine... but it should have all been like that given the screening this has been through.

Would not risk ordering from here again.

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The topsoil was of a very good standard easy to spread and flatten then rake.