H-Series Indoor Garden

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Elevate your homegrown produce to new heights with the Harvst H-Series – where innovation meets nature.

Available in 1, 2 and 3 tiered variations with either mains or solar powered and pump or hose water systems.

  • Automatic hydroponic watering, heating & lighting
  • Integrated smart nursery for propagation
  • Monitoring through a web-app
  • Strong wooden frame with option for protective windows
  • Adjustable shelves for half- and double-density growing
  • Made in Britain
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  • Green-house


Turn food miles into metres and get the freshest ingredients possible

Embarking on your gardening journey has never been easier. We have drawn upon our expertise in automated gardening solutions to allow you to seamlessly integrate fresh produce cultivation into your busy lifestyle, year-round, with minimal effort on your part. The H-Series does everything for you, apart from sowing the seeds!

The Harvst H-Series of grow systems combines a smart nursery for effective germination and versatile levels with automatic watering and grow lights to nurture a wide range of crops, from crisp salads and lush leafy greens to delicate microgreens and beyond.

As you get more experienced, or fancy trying something different, you can expand your system to include other growing methods such as full seed trays, pots or microgreen mats. How you grow is up to you (but we’re also here to guide you along the way!). Our specially-designed trays accommodate a huge range of growing methods easily, fitting standard sized pots and garden trays for maximum versatility.

This easy to use and fully automated growing system includes up to three stackable growing modules fitted with a hydroponic watering system and LED grow lights. Elevate your homegrown produce to new heights with the Harvst H-Series – where innovation meets nature.

Year-round indoor growing with LED grow lights

Growing all year round is easy indoors. Grow lights, nutrients, and warmth provide everything the plants need. Our lighted shelves are adjustable, so you can give seedlings a strong boost with close lights, then move the lights up as your plants grow.

Our LED lights emit a balanced spectrum of light, promoting strong and compact plant growth, ensuring that your greens remain robust and vibrant. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your indoor garden but also ensures that your crops are more resilient, produce higher yields, and are ultimately healthier and more nutritious for your plate, regardless of outdoor conditions.

Self watering, so you don’t have to

Your Harvst indoor garden takes care of the watering while you are away, and also provides a regular watering regime which helps many plants grow better.

Hydroponic systems provide water directly to the plant roots, minimising water wastage through evaporation and runoff. The result? A potential reduction in water usage of up to 90%, contingent upon factors such as the specific crop, local climate conditions, and how well the system is maintained.

The use of hydroponics takes water efficiency to the next level with a closed-loop approach to watering. This means that water and nutrients are continuously circulated through your plants, creating a sustainable and resource-conscious ecosystem. The H-Series looks after the watering cycles for you, and reminds you to top up nutrients in the tank as needed. With our innovative system, you can enjoy the benefits of hydroponics without the complexity, all while conserving water and ensuring precise nutrient delivery for thriving, vibrant plants.

The use of mediums like coir (coconut husk) and clay balls mean no soil and less mess. Among other benefits, these clean growing methods also reduce the risk of pests, diseases, and weed infestations.

All H-Series models come with everything you need to start growing: dehydrated coir jiffy pellets, net cups, and nutrients.

Coir, a popular hydroponic growing medium, stands out for its exceptional water retention and aeration properties, fostering an ideal habitat for plant roots. Moreover, coir’s pH-neutral and sterile nature further enhance plant health.

Watering times are set on the Harvst app, from twice a day to once a week, for a duration of one second upwards.

Climate control, for any climate

We’re not in California. Harvst is based in West Wales where, like the rest of the UK, we don’t have an ideal growing climate all year round. Plants love warmth and light, which the H-Series will provide in abundance, wherever you choose to put it. Every H comes with a heated nursery, for guaranteed germination at any time of year. Add windows for strong ongoing growth through the winter, too.

A full window set is great for protecting your plants from the cold, if your H is in a garage, shed or unheated space. Residual heat from the LED grow lights keeps the temperature a few degrees above ambient. The window kit comes with sensor-driven fans, to keep air moving which helps prevent mildew and mould. A combined temperature/humidity sensor is fitted inside the growing area which controls the fans automatically.


Measures 182x50cm • Full Spectrum 10W LEDs • 12V/200W Mains Power Supply • 12V Water Pump • Laminate Plywood • Level with Adjustable Feet

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H Series

H1 – Grey, H1 – White, H2 – Grey, H2 – White, H3 – Grey, H3 – White

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