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EcoGro SuperSoil is an enhanced natural topsoil with 100% vegan approved plant based derived organic matter.  Proved to give outstanding characteristics and growing performance, it’s perfectly blended to deliver incredible results in the garden.  It contains the finest natural loam – the ultimate pick for your plants, fruit and vegetables.

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  • Beds and Borders
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  • Raised Beds
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EcoGro SuperSoil is eco-friendly, green and sustainable so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.  It has been developed in partnership with Boughton, a market leader in topsoil and Indigro, a prominent agricultural consultancy.  This highly skilled team of agricultural consultants, agronomists and soil-scientists has created a natural product with maximise performance.

The great news is EcoGro SuperSoil has the perfect balance of nutrients and retains 94% more water than one of the current market leading manufactured soils.  This increased capacity to hold water and then slowly release over long periods provides the following benefits;

  1. reduction in leaching of key nutrients
  2. improved plant drought tolerance
  3. reduced flood risk in high volume applications

EcoGro SuperSoil outperforms manufactured soils in soil fertility, plant growth, soil structure, carbon storage and each of the following key areas;

Contributes to the structural strength and quality of healthy plants encouraging the growth of roots.

Vital for growth and development.

To keep grass green.

Organic matter
Improves the structure of the soil, water retention and hot weather tolerance.

Fantastic key benefits;

  • 100% natural and 100% traceability
  • 100% organic plant-based matter
  • Ideal for flower beds, borders, vegetables, fruit and tree & hedge planting
  • Green, eco-friendly & sustainable
  • Meets current BS3882 standards
  • Screened to 10mm
  • Delivers superior performance
  • Significantly increased nutritional content, retention & output
  • Absorbs, retains and releases moisture in a controlled and efficient manner
  • Carbon friendly – captures and absorbs carbon from the atmosphere
  • Great physical properties – balanced, consistent, workable and durable texture
  • Increased biological profile and performance
  • Bulk bags are approximately 700kg
  • No quibble guarantee

Can we prove it?

Check out the video below. EcoGro SuperSoil was developed by a team of soil scientists to conduct a series of tests, aimed at identifying the ideal soil composition for plant growth and water dynamics. We are firm believers that natural topsoil is better than manufactured soils.


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Weight700 kg
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  • Deliveries are made by Palletline using a tail-lift and hand manoeuvred pump truck NOT by a vehicle with a crane offload.
  • We can guarantee delivery to kerbside (with your signature) or in most cases a driveway as long as it has an adequate hard-standing area.
  • We cannot offload onto gravel, grass, steep slopes or soil areas.
  • Please ensure there is adequate room for the lorry to access your property, free from obstruction and parked cars.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing before ordering.
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What is topsoil?

Topsoil is the top layer of soil that is high in organic matter and nutrients, formed by the slow weathering of rocks and decaying organic matter over thousands of years.

When will my delivery be made?

You can select a delivery date that suits you on the checkout page of our website. Economy delivery is 2-3 days but we can deliver next working day for a small surcharge.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is one bulk bag or 25 small bags (25L).

How much topsoil is in the bulk bag?

There is approximately 700kg in a bulk bag.

Is delivery free?

Delivery is free to many UK locations.  If there is a delivery charge to your address, it will be shown at check out.

How big is your bulk bag?

85cm x 85cm x 85xcm.

Is it sterilised?

No unless you request it. Generally, we find that sterilisation kills off beneficial microorganism essential for soil health. If you do require sterilised soil, please see this product here.

Does the soil have stones in it?

Yes, but only small ones as all the larger stones are removed.  Some stones in the soil are important for good drainage, soil aeration and prevention of topsoil compaction.