Prune Climbing Roses 

Climbing roses can now be pruned hard, as they flower on shoots grown in the same spring. Remove any damaged or crossing shoots and then tie stems, fand out, to a trellis. To avoid damage over winter, make sure they are firmly tied.  

Sow Sweet Peas 

Sowing sweet peas in October will provide you with bigger plants with a stronger root system. However, they will need protection (inside) over winter if the weather is bad. Allow them to germinate on a windowsill or in a greenhouse, then once the first leaves have developed place them outside in a protected spot or cold frame. They will be ready to plant out in April. 

Bring Tender plants inside/ undercover

Bring tender plants undercover before they need protection from frost. If you are going to move your plants into a greenhouse, it is important to raise them off the ground as it can become very cold, especially if the base is made from slabs. This also enables air to circulate, helping to prevent diseases such as grey mould. 
You can move plants such as Pelargoniums into a conservatory or a sunny porch where it could continue to flower for a few more months.