Plant Tulips 

It’s time to plant tulips. To ensure the bulb flowers, the correct planting depth is needed. This is most common reason why bulbs fail to flower after its first year. Generally, plant the bulb at three times its own depth, but if in doubt, planting deeper is better than planting too shallow. The deeper they are the stronger and straighter the stem will be.  

Plant Paperwhite Daffodils for Christmas 

If you plant Paperwhite Daffodils now, they will be flowering in time for Christmas. Plant the bulbs just beneath the surface of your compost, keep them in a warm, light place and keep them watered.  The bulbs will grow strongly and if you are growing them in the warmth indoors, they should flower within four weeks.  

Jet wash slippery paths 

At this time of year, paths can become very slippery due to the algae that grows on the surface. The easiest and safest way (without having to use chemicals) is to use a pressure washer. When cleaned you can brush sharp sand into any gaps between the bricks or stones.

Plant Garlic bulbs 

When planting any type of garlic, plant the individual cloves up to 9 inches apart, at least an inch below the surface with the pointed end up. They grow best in a very sunny position, in well-drained soil with plenty of feed/compost and shoots should appear after 6 to 8 weeks. Remember the bigger the clove you plant, the bigger the bulb it will create.