The Chelsea Chop  

The 3rd week of May is usually time for The Chelsea Chop, it is done to extend the flowering season of late-flowering herbaceous perennials. Reduce the plant by one third to a half, the pruned section will develop side shoots which will bear extra flowers and bloom a few weeks later.   

Deadhead Tulips  

Deadhead your tulips once they have spoilt, this will stop the development of seeds so all their energy is used to form new bulbs for next year’s flowers. But make sure you do not cut back the stem or any of the foliage, as this contributes to the growing of the bulbs.   

Cut back Allium Leaves

The leaves of Alliums can be cut back as soon as they flower. This creates more space for planting tender annuals and bedding plants. 

Plant out tomatoes

It is the best time to plant out tomatoes. Plant them right up to the bottom leaves, so that the section of the stem will develop more roots.  Make sure you cut back any side-shoots, as they take energy from the plant without producing any fruit on them.   

Prune Early Flowering Clematis  

Prune early flowering clematis after flowering, this is usually at the end of May, but will vary depending on which part of the country you live. The new growth developed from this period will bear the flowers next year.