How Will Compost Help My Garden?

Has your garden started to crack?

Did it get waterlogged and then dry out?

Is your lawn an eyesore or an embarrassment?

When spending a lot of time, effort and money on your garden it is imperative to look after your lawn.

Often your lawn is the largest part of your garden and it is therefore important to keep it looking fresh and at its best – that is where the application of turf dressing comes in.

What to do if your lawn becomes waterlogged

If your lawn becomes waterlogged you need to act fast before it becomes badly damaged, the appropriate way to fix this is with turf dressing. Turf dressing is a unique product that helps improve the drainage of a lawn and keep it healthy. Essentially what happens when your lawn gets waterlogged is that the roots cannot breathe.

What most gardeners do at this point is make holes in the lawn using a spiking tool, unfortunately these holes are likely to close up unless you fill them with turf dressing. If you brush turf dressing into these holes it will help the overall drainage of your lawn.

You can also use this process if your lawn has suffered excessive winter or frost damage.

Does turf dressing have any other uses?

Turf dressing can be used on top of your lawn to promote healthy growth, and between topsoil and new turf when laying for the same reason. It also has a balanced level of nutrients in order to give the grass and soil the food it requires. It is recommended to put a layer of turf dressing down before you lay new turf to help promote a healthy lawn.

What are the benefits of turf dressing?

There are a number of benefits to be gained by using turf dressing:

  • Improves drainage
  • Helps to protect damage from winter months
  • Reduces compaction
  • Can reduce disease


To conclude, the application of this simple and easy to use product can have a multitude of benefits for your lawn. Turf dressing will help your lawn retain its health and keep your garden looking great throughout the year. Our Turf dressing Products