How to buy Topsoil

If you are planning on a complete renovation of your garden, or even just a small portion of it, the chances are you are going to be planting new and established plants, seeds or vegetables. You are probably aware that you are going to have to check the quality of your  topsoil in order to get the best out of your new plants, and there is the likelihood that the topsoil you have in the garden is not going to be suitable for growing what you want. Now may be the time you need to look into whether you need to import new topsoil.

Some people find it difficult to accept that they are going to have to spend money on what is essentially dirt, when it already exists in their garden. However, if you don’t invest in a top quality topsoil, it could be detrimental to the life of your new plants. Choosing good quality topsoil is not the most exciting part of renovating your garden, but by doing so you will be giving your garden the chance to thrive. It is therefore essential to spend a little time, money and effort in choosing the correct topsoil for your project.

Investing in a good quality topsoil is going to be one of the integral parts of any garden project, as the topsoil contains all the nutrients that your plants or vegetables will need to have a strong and healthy life.

So what should you look for when buying topsoil?

  1. A good general purpose topsoil for gardening is ‘loam’. This topsoil contains a good balance of the three main soil types, sand, silt and clay. This topsoil has the balance just right to give your plants the nutrients they need.
  2. When purchasing topsoil it is recommended that you buy through an established dealer like Garden Topsoil Direct. This way you can be sure that the topsoil you are purchasing has been checked for contamination and fertility.
  3. Choose a topsoil with a good organic content, somewhere in the region of 3 – 7% is about right.
  4. You should try and obtain topsoil that is relatively weed free. Although it’s not possible to 100% guarantee a weed free soil, keeping weed seed to a bare minimum will help keep new weed growth down.
  5. The topsoil should be fertile and balanced. Generally speaking, if the nutrients in your topsoil are well balanced, then this means that your plants should thrive.

As you can see there are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing topsoil for your garden. If you follow these guidelines when researching and deciding which topsoil to buy, it will hopefully lead to a beautiful and fertile garden.