Pruning Clematis 

From the middle of this month, during mild spells, late-flowering clematis can be pruned hard.  

But make sure not to prune early flowering clematis (those that flower between February and May), as if you were to prune them now you would cut off the branches that are developing the flower buds. They only need pruning when they get out of control. 

Sow Rocket 

It is the best time to sow rocket as it germinates very fast and will grow in cool weather. You can sow them where you would like the crop to grow, make sure to leave 6-9 inches between each plant.  Once grown cut the leaves as needed and they will regrow quickly.  

Chitting Potatoes 

You can now begin to start Chitting potatoes. Place the potatoes in egg boxes or on paper in a cool place and leave them there whilst the shoots appear. If your garden is exposed or in a colder part of the country, you may wish to delay Chitting your potatoes for a few weeks till you can plant into your garden. 

Check supports and Ties

Check for any damaged or loose supports, ties and structures that will hold climbing plants this year. It is the best time to do this as most climbers will have been cut back and you have a higher chance of having empty boarders to walk in.