Decorative Aggregates, Pebbles and Gravel

When choosing decorative aggregates it is important to make sure they will fit in with the rest of your garden. It is often advisable to use the coloured slates in more modern style gardens, whilst Cotswold’s pebbles are more suited for traditional style gardens. Pebbles and gravels are often more suited to driveways and paths. It is important to point out though, that there are no rules when it comes to decorative aggregates and their flexibility allows you to use them just about anywhere.

What are the advantages of decorative aggregates?

There are a variety of advantages for using decorative aggregates in your garden:

• They are extremely low maintenance
• Decorative aggregates are flexible and can be used just about anywhere
• The choice of decorative aggregates is vast
• They are easy to lay – no specialist skills or tools are involved
• Decorative aggregates can be picked up from the garden centre yourself in small bags, or delivered by the loose or bagged tonne
• Natural stone decorative aggregates enhance the beauty of your garden

What can I use decorative aggregates for?

This is where decorative aggregates come into their own, their flexibility lending themselves to pretty much any project you care to think of:

• Waterfalls, ponds and water features – When water passes over decorative aggregates – be it slate or pebbles – it can really enhance their beauty, giving your garden the wow factor it needs.
• Paths, driveways, and patios – All kinds of decorative aggregates lend themselves to these types of projects and can look great over small or large areas.
• Flower beds, plant pots, plant beds – Not only will they look great here, but decorative aggregates can help your plants and flowers retain water and reduce water evaporation.

Are decorative aggregates expensive?
Generally speaking, as long as you are not planning on covering a football field, decorative aggregates are relatively cheap. If you take into consideration that it is all work you can do yourself, you can factor out the cost of a landscape gardener or builder when it comes to using decorative aggregates in your garden.

If you are intending on covering larger areas with your chosen decorative aggregates, then purchasing from your local dealer by the tonne can save you even more money.

When looking for an answer to having a low cost, low maintenance, modern and aesthetically pleasing garden, decorative aggregates are the ultimate solution.