Clear away any rotting stems and foliage and mulch around each crown with a generous layer of compost. You can divide some of your crown to encourage fresh growth.  The older central sections should be removed, and the younger outer sections of the root can be replanted with the buds about an inch below the surface. Do not pick any stalks or cut any flowers of these new sections in the first year.  


Many Poinsettias will be given as gifts this Christmas. They do not like cool nights or big fluctuations in temperatures. So, keep them in a room where there are no draughts, cold windows and where there is a constant average temperature. They do like a good watering, but let the compost dry out first before giving them a soak, by standing the pot in water for around 10 minuets and then let the excess water drain away.  

Christmas Trees

Here are some tips to help make your Christmas Tree last as long as possible, no matter what type you choose: 

  • Never place your tree near the radiator or other heat source. It will immediately begin to drop its needles. 
  • Keep it as cool as possible, they are adapted to cope with cold winter conditions. Place in a conservatory, orangery or in a draughty hallway.  
  • Always try to get a Christmas Tree with roots, even if you do not plan on planting or keeping it. Transplant into a larger pot and fill with compost. Water it and keep it moist. This is the best way to try and reduce the number of needles shed.  
  • If you choose a tree without roots, buy a tree holder and keep it filled with water. By treating it like a cut flower, it will help to prevent needles shedding.