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Organic Topsoil

Organic Topsoil

Designed for borders and flower beds, a blend of our finest quality Kettering Loam and Organic Compo..


top soil 10mm
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Topsoil - Screened

Topsoil - Screened

Our general purpose topsoil designed to be used in all areas of the garden, for going under turf t..


top soil 10mm
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Toposoil 3mm Screened

Toposoil 3mm Screened

A blend of our finest soils screened down to 3mm for finer applications. Suitable as a top layer for..


top soil 10mm
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Our quality range of locally sourced screened topsoils and special mixes for your landscaping and horticultural requirements.

From £61.20 including delivery

Topsoils Products


Organic and peat based composts, mushroom and tree & shrub composts and bark mulch to suit every gardening and landscaping need.

From £66.96 Including Delivery

Composts Products

Turf Dressing

A range of sand based products to include fine turf quality turf dressings & lime free horticultural sands. Also, sands for special use.

From £135.09 Including Delivery

Turf Dressing Products

Specialist Composts

Our range of quality growing media which has been designed, tested & manufactured to exacting standards for home or professional use.

From £77.16 Including Delivery

Specialist Composts Products

Grass Seed

General Purpose Grass Seeds, Shady & Low Maintenance Mix.

From £10.09 per bag

Grass Seed Products

Cricket Loam

Boughton Kaloam, Boughton Cricket - County, Club & Kettering Loams, Seed & Fertilizer.

From £80.88 Including Delivery

Cricket Loam Products

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Rock Salt

Road and Path Rock Salt.

From £77.10 Including Delivery.

Salt & Miscellaneous Products