Lawn Turfing Topsoil

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Lawn Turfing Topsoil

  • Price from: £83.47
  • Product Code: zltstbb
  • Availability: In Stock

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Lawn & Turfing Topsoil from £83.47 (Bulk Bags) 

Our lawn & turfing topsoil is perfectly designed to go under turf. Higher in nutrients then our screened topsoil, our blend of 4 parts soil to 1 part compost is perfect you give your new lawn the best start in life. Simply apply to the ground and smooth over before laying down rolls of turf.

It’s a high quality, locally sourced Kettering Loam with added organic compost then screened. Kettering Loam is regarded by professional horticulturalists as having some of the finest properties for growing plants. Using the latest technology to grade soil, it’s passed through screens to remove large stones.

The added rich compost will improve soil conditions as it increases plant nutrients & organic matter, improves soil structure and helps to retain moisture.

Healthy, living soil will keep your plants happy. Lawn Turfing Topsoil is:

  • Natural, fertile, nutrient rich
  • Blended 4 parts topsoil with 1 part organic compost
  • pH 6.8 - 7
  • Screened 
  • 100% peat free helping to maintain plants and wildlife habitats that rely on lowland peat bogs.
  • No quibble guarantee

Here for 25kg bag prices

10-19 Items - £6.30 (25kg)
20-29 Items - £4.02 (25kg)
30-40 Items - £3.26 (25kg)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the soil have stones in it?
Yes, but only small ones as all the larger stones are removed.  Some stones in the soil are important for good drainage, soil aeration and prevention of topsoil compaction. 

Is it sterilised?
No unless you request it. Generally, we find that sterilisation kills off beneficial microorganism essential for soil health. If you do require sterilised soil, please click here.

What is topsoil?
Topsoil is the top layer of soil that is high in organic matter and nutrients, formed by the slow weathering of rocks and decaying organic matter over thousands of years

How big is your bulk bag?
85cm x 85cm x 85xcm

Is delivery free?
Yes, delivery is included (for 90% of UK locations)

How much topsoil is in the bulk bag?
Approximately 750kg. In our calculation tool, we add approx. 50% more than the area you need to fill to allow for compaction. Minimum order for our 25kg/25ltr bags is 10 bags. Maximum on a single pallet is 40 bags so any orders for more than 40 bags will be costed pro-rata at checkout.

When will my delivery be made?
You can select a delivery date that suits you on the checkout page of our website. This is 2-3 days as standard but we can deliver next working day for a small surcharge.

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