Raised Bed Kit - Large

  • Price from: £119.94
  • Product Code: zrbl
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  • £119.94

Raised Bed Kit - Large

  • Price from: £119.94
  • Product Code: zrbl
  • Availability: In Stock

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30x bag Large Raised Bed Kit from £119.94

A natural timber raised bed kit with 27 bags of high quality vegetable & fruit topsoil and 3 bags of an organic nutrient rich compost.

Our Large Kit Contains:

  • 3x Prebuilt Raised Bed Frame 
  • 27x 25ltr Fruit & Vegetable Topsoil 
  • 3x 50ltr Organic Compost 
  • 1x Pallet

With this kit you can create either 3x single raised beds, 1x double height raised bed and 1x single height raised beds or 1x triple height raised bed.

Dimensions: 120cm (4ft) x 100cm (3.3ft) x 20cm (0.7ft)

Planting into raised beds is a great way of growing different plants, fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Build your raised bed in minutes with this economical timber raised bed kit with good quality fertile topsoil included. The handy pre-assembled kit means there is no drilling, screwing or power tools required. Compact in size means all plants will be in easy arm’s reach. The vegetable and fruit topsoil is a mix designed for all you budding fruit and vegetable growers! Higher in organic matter than our standard screened topsoil.

Product details:

  • Timber thickness 20mm with galvanised hinges
  • Heat steam treated at 55-60 degrees
  • No toxic preservative
  • Pure timber wood
  • Can flat pack for easy storage
  • Natural, fertile, nutrient rich soil

Instructions: Decide the position of your raised bed. Make sure there is room to access both sides without needing to walk over the soil and tread on your plants. When a location is chosen, mark out the area, clear all vegetation and level out as required.

Top Tip: dig the existing soil to a spade's depth to break it up (unless you are building on a hard surface). Simply unload the x10 topsoil bags and place your raised bed on the marked area, push down the frame so the four feet are inserted into the ground. If you wish to leave the raise bed kit on the pallet, we recommend adding a perforated membrane on top of the pallet first, this will ensure any soil will not fall through the gaps once filled and sodden. Now to add the topsoil. Make sure to compact the soil with a spade as you fill up. Add the soil so it's level with the top of the frame. The soil will eventually drop as it settles.

Top Tip: if your raised bed is greater than 50cm (20in) in depth, first remove the existing topsoil in the ground and replace with some rubble such as broken bricks and sand for good drainage.

Top Tip: after a year top up the soil to keep the depth and to give a nutrient boost for optimum growing. Happy planting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the soil have stones in it?
Yes, but only small ones as all the larger stones are removed.  Some stones in the soil are important for good drainage, soil aeration and prevention of topsoil compaction. 

Is it sterilised?
No unless you request it. Generally, we find that sterilisation kills off beneficial microorganism essential for soil health. If you do require sterilised soil, please click here.

What is topsoil?
Topsoil is the top layer of soil that is high in organic matter and nutrients, formed by the slow weathering of rocks and decaying organic matter over thousands of years

How big is your bulk bag?
85cm x 85cm x 85xcm

Is delivery free?
Yes, delivery is included (for 90% of UK locations)

How much topsoil is in the bulk bag?
In our calculation tool, we add approx. 50% more than the area you need to fill to allow for compaction. Minimum order for our 25kg/25ltr bags is 10 bags. Maximum on a single pallet is 40 bags so any orders for more than 40 bags will be costed pro-rata at checkout.

When will my delivery be made?
You can select a delivery date that suits you on the checkout page of our website. This is 2-3 days as standard but we can deliver next working day for a small surcharge.

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Feefo Review

++ "Raised Bed Kit - Large" All Reviews

Got 4 of these, for a job i was doing, nice and easy to construct and place. Being able to choose what height you want was also a bonus.
My customer decided to have 2 at full size and the other 2 were constructed to provide 3 Medium beds.

+ "Raised Bed Kit - Large" All Reviews

Easy to get into the position I wanted them because of the hinges. Having the soil in bags was also good too. There was no mess and it has meant it could be taken down a bag or two at a time. Even using a wheelbarrow I couldn't manage more, but taking individual bags meant no mess anywhere.

++ "Raised Bed Kit - Large" All Reviews

Recipient very pleased, specially liked hinged boards

+ "Raised Bed Kit - Large" All Reviews

Triple bed was very easy to assemble and was of good quality, but as I needed the palette (as the frame was for solid ground) this was broken so was next to useless. I do not think that the palette was checked when dispatched.

++ "Raised Bed Kit - Large" All Reviews

Amazing value for money - where else can you get good quality raised beds and organic soil for such a price. I've given your links to friends and family who are equally impressed. Many thanks Topsoil Direct...

+ "Raised Bed Kit - Large" All Reviews

Wood was very good as was the topsoil but the compost was very poor. Had bought some compost for another garden project the day before delivery and that was far superior and it was not a leading brand. The ones supplied with the kit soon dried out within hours when watered yet the one bought from a garden center stays moist for a good 24 hours if not longer and it has no moisture retaining gel etc. Good idea to buy the whole kit in one go to make a veg bed and have it delivered all together shame to bags of compost were not better quality.

+ "Raised Bed Kit - Large" All Reviews

Easy to install. Unclear whether the timber was pre-treated.

++ "Raised Bed Kit - Large" All Reviews

superb service and product! delivered next day...delivery chap brilliant (from bridgend!) I cannot recommend this excellent company enough! Well done!