Organic Compost

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Organic Compost

  • Price from: £79.99
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Organic Compost (bulk bag or 25 x 50L bags) 

A PAS100 certificated organic green compost that has been screened to 10mm. Being very friable and light in weight, organic compost can be used in various applications to include soil conditioning, mixing with sands and mulching borders.  Organic green compost adds nutrients and organic matter. It's an excellent alternative to peat with the benefit of doing your bit for the environment!

Although this material is great for blending with your garden soil, it should not be used for planting directly into i.e. filling a flower border, pots or raised beds.  It is a very light material and plants require a stronger growing structure.

Our Organic Compost is locally sourced and meets the standards of BSI PAS100 and the Compost Quality Protocol.  PAS100 is a widely recognised standard within the organics recycling sector.  

Please note that our Organic Compost is recycled green waste which is composted – that’s the aerobic decomposition of organic matter by micro-organisms.  This is done via windrow (long rows) composting methods which is an organic process. Finally, it is screened to 10mm to give a fine texture. 

The bulk bag contains approximately 700 litres. 

What are the benefits of open windrow green compost?

eligible for use in organic systems i.e. U.K. organic farming

provides slow release major and micro nutrients

improves soil structure / workability & rooting potential

increases moisture retention & soil drainage

good source of organic matter 

high percentage of dry matter content

How much material do I need?

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is your bulk bag?

85cm x 85cm x 85xcm.

Is delivery free?
Yes, delivery is included (for 90% of UK locations).

How much compost is in the bulk bag?
There is approximately 550kg in a bulk bag. 

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order for our 50l small bags is 25. 

When will my delivery be made?
You can select a delivery date that suits you on the checkout page of our website. This is 2-3 days as standard but we can deliver next working day for a small surcharge.

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